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Simon Esler - Director, Producer

Simon Esler fights for free thought with every tool he has. After building a free thinking, 14 thousand member think tank on Facebook, Simon was censored across social media for challenging official narratives. In response, he pivoted his focus to providing content to freedom oriented streaming platforms such as Rise.TV and Dauntless Dialogue, refining his skills as a researcher, content creator and filmmaker within private communities. After almost half a decade of writing, shooting and editing original content focused on modern warfare from a psychological, cultural and spiritual perspective, Simon decided to release his first independent project for the public at large: CUT - Daughters of the West. Now combining all his skills and passions, Simon is on a mission to win the ongoing war against free thought & human liberty. His extensive portfolio of content, ranging from in-depth documentaries to science fiction comedies, can be found on his website.




Seak Smith

Seak Smith is the Founder of MOM & DAD ARMY, a survivor-led organization with 25 chapters (and counting) across America, in Canada, the UK and Australia on a mission to stop the war on children. Seak's advocacy work in protecting children started 15 years ago bringing awareness to child sex trafficking. Her activism includes fundraisers, campaigns, panel discussions, marches and using any opportunity to educate on these issues. MOM and DAD Army activates, build leaders and organizes outspoken warriors for the protection of children and their innocence against the relentless attacks, abuse, indoctrination and grooming. 

Pamela Garfield-Jaeger

Pamela is a licensed clinical social worker in California. She has experience working in schools in New York City, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley, California. She has been a clinical supervisor for over ten years overseeing therapists working in school-based programs and in mental health settings. She has also worked in residential and outpatient programs for adults and teens who are severely mentally ill. After losing her job at Sutter Health due to vaccine mandates, Pamela has been building a curriculum to guide parents through the mental health system. Pamela's mission is to educate parents on how to avoid therapists who lack skills or try to indoctrinate their children.


Ryan Heath

Ryan Heath is the President and CEO of The Gavel Project, an Anti-Woke non-profit 501(c)3 legal organization that exists to protect the freedoms of Americans, especially women and children.  Ryan is a Civil Rights Activist, an Arizona Attorney, a constitutional expert and talented legal strategist, but more importantly, he is a father of two young girls.

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