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A New Documentary by

Simon Esler


Cut is an investigation into cosmetic surgery, feminist sexual liberation, and modern media trends as part of a warped legacy that was being handed to young girls as a foundation for gender ideology to take hold.

For girls already struggling with the pain and confusion of adolescence, did the message that the body is an obstacle to who you truly are leave an open wound for transgenderism to exploit?

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Or do the roots of the transgender craze in girls run deeper?

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"CUT is a window into what it means to grow up as a girl in our hyper-sexualized, media obsessed, superficial culture. The war on children must come to an end.
It's time for a parenting revolution."

Before the rise in puberty blockers, hormone therapy and double mastectomies, there was an exponential increase in teenage girls seeking breast augmentations and labiaplasties.

By following plastic surgery's progression into the birth of cosmetic surgery CUT  investigates the moral and cultural precursors that have enabled transgender ideology to thrive.


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What acted as fertile soil for the harms of gender theory to take root?

Cosmetic surgery and feminist icons toting sexual liberation had already handed women and girls the power to permanently alter their bodies, based on trends and self diagnosis.​ Now, pre-teens have spiralled into a mental health crisis that coincides perfectly with the introduction of smartphones, social media and gender theory.

Is this the cultural and historical legacy we have handed to girls on the precipice of womanhood?

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